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What is considered a special order?

* Anything over 24 pcs is considered a special order on regular sizes or 

anything special wanted to be manufactured.

* Special orders can also be manufactured more of the design we already have or we can manufacture your design. 

* We can manufacture mostly any desired modest design on fabric and color desired, if available. We reserve the right to not manufacture certain items. 

*Quote is then given based on per color, fabric and quantity. If desired less quantity unit price might change depending on how many pcs you desire. (Some exceptions apply if we are also making same design for ourselves) 

* If you desire a fabric with print, please let us know what fabric you'll like and will gladly find out what is available.

* Start up cost is $200 (Non refundable once fabric is bought) per color combination, exemptions apply. 

* Please place special orders 3-4 weeks in advance to help us meet your desired date of arrival.

* All special orders will be shipped straight from our manufacturing company in Mexico and Fees will be based through FedEx with Mexico zip code 45430.

*Consignee/Receiver is responsible for any Customs Fees that may arise.

* Final payment is due when items are ready to ship. 

Can there be extra fees?

Depending on the nature of the special order you can have extra fees. 

Extra fees can be..

* Sketching your own design 

* Sketching your own measurements

* Each sketch per size desired is ($10)

* Adding or making changes to our design were a new or part sketch is required (making us have an expense). 

* (Some changes can be done without an extra fee)

*Samples made are $25 each.

Extra Information...

*We reserve the right to manufacture any special order. 
* Company's Tax Exempt number is required in order to be considered tax free.

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