Construction of a new church..

Building a church from the ground..

My mother and I and of course our staff at Hechos2 will like to present to ya'll a great need that has touched my heart. Something we can do to help expand the Kingdom of God.  We have spoken with  Pastor Wilberth Barahona Reyes and his wife Sister Kassandra  about this great need they have and they are constructing a new church building for the people in the town of Cancun Quintana Roo, Mexico. They are in need of everything you can think of to make the construction of this church named "Iglesia La Roca" from the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ. They are wanting to make something simple and fast to start so the people wont get wet when it rains as they have rained on before and then be able to make the actual church. It's a new church and many souls will be able to be reached and the gospel preached, what a blessing to be a part of!  Hechos2 is about promoting Apostolic Modesty and Holiness and with that helping the Kingdom of God to expand. All donations given will be 100% given to them. I will also be posting updates as they send me pictures of how the construction is going.. Thank you all for helping us expand the Kingdom!!