What a piece!! Those flower combinations are just breathtaking! Beautiful and unique sport fabric Jumpers!!

These are great for comfortability and modesty😍

Navy Blue Floral

Bundle 5pcs XS-XL $108.80

That's just $21.76 each!

A-Lined Floral Jumper

  • *Lightweight / breathable fabric (Techno Crepe)

    *Polyester-Spandex mix

    *No pockets on sides

    *3 button on side

  • Measurements:

    XSmall: 30"W,  27"L

    Small: 32"W,  28"L

    Medium: 34"W, 28 1/2"L

    Large: 36"W, 29"L

    XL: 38"W,  29 1/2"L